Change your thought’s, Change your Life!

We at Minds Matter believe that when you question your thoughts and make a small change, the positive effects can be Huge! Why is it that when we are afraid of something that could happen, we believe it might? Thoughts surrounding what might happen in the future or dwelling over the past can be the start of a negative spiral, causing you to overthink things that might never happen… and usually don’t!

The past is gone…

Using up your energy focusing on the past will not help you move towards happiness. This only strangles your confidence and stops you from being the best version of YOU! Keep Moving Forward!

What if…

Thinking about what could go wrong is always available, however so is what could go right! Anyone can think of a worst-case scenario, but how does this help you? It doesn’t, it serves no useful purpose!

Shift your focus and think about a time you felt proud and notice how you feel. And if you still find yourself struggling to break the cycle, ask yourself – If you had a close friend in the same situation, would you say the same things to them as you are to yourself? You’ll find that this will be a no.


• Don’t be hard on yourself!
• Don’t forget about your Dreams!
• Don’t compare to others!
• Don’t believe everything you think!

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